Into Every Life, A Little Snow Must Fall…

by John Weckerle

Photo - Sunrise over the Estancia Valley by John WeckerleAnd sometimes we get a good light show, to boot.  A break in the cloud cover this morning gave us yet another spectacular sunrise to go along with our late Fall moisture (remember: winter doesn’t start officially until Sunday!).  It looks as if the kids in our area will have some time to enjoy the snow – according to the KOAT school closings page, all the schools in our area are closed except for Mountainair’s schools, which are on a 2-hour delay.  State offices are also closed today.  According to my “more or less personalized” weather page, there’s an 80% chance of snow today and 40% chance tonight.  It also says that less than half an inch of snow is to be expected – but that’s what it said yesterday, so it’s possible we could see quite a bit more today.  Another storm appears to be taking aim at New Mexico, and the rest of the work week may see us getting even more.  If the predictions hold true, we’ll see a return of “mud season” this weekend.

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