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Barbarism In New Mexico

by John Weckerle

We received an e-mail this morning regarding a coyote slaughtering contest sponsored by Gunhawk Firearms of Los Lunas, New Mexico.  While we support New Mexicans’ right to hunt – this does, after all, put food on a lot of folks’ tables – and we understand that sometimes it can be very difficult to live with wildlife.  However, this is not hunting, or even “animal damage control;” it is slaughter for fun and profit.  We denounce this repulsive and barbaric event and have written to Governor Susana Martinez asking that she do the same.  We are also suggesting that gun owners in New Mexico find somewhere else to purchase their equipment and supplies.  For more information, see the Animal Protection of New Mexico article and the KOAT-TV article.  If you’d like to let the gun shop owners know how you feel about this personally, their number is listed as 505-865-3500 and their address is listed as 1400 Main St., Los Lunas, NM 87031-4812 in case local residents would like to stop in and speak to them directly.