About Us

The True Heart of New Mexico

Welcome to NM-Central.com, providing perspectives from New Mexico’s real central valley. That’s right – the Estancia Valley, and not the Rio Grande Valley, contains the actual geographic center of the state, about 12 miles south-southwest of the town of Willard in Torrance County. This may come as a surprise to some, especially those who think they live in the East Mountains – since said mountains are not “East” at all. They are West. Period.

This blog is meant to provide a new and useful means for discussing relevant issues here in the Estancia Valley and East West Mountain area. Don’t get us wrong; our two weekly newspapers do a great job at getting news out, but they face two major hurdles. The first, of course, is space – there’s only so much room in each issue for commentary. Second, they are published only weekly, and that doesn’t always work out where some topics are concerned.

We welcome thoughtful articles from our readers that conform to our editorial principles.  It is our preference to allow everyone to comment. However, we are going to set a few rules. Criticism is allowed, and we encourage people to be creative with it. We will not allow false or undocumented accusations, personal attacks, profanity, obscenity, or overt character assassination. We prefer reasoned, well-thought-out discussion to invective.

We invite you to join with us in discussion ranging from statewide to local issues – all, of course, from a true central perspective.