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Passing on Pep Boys

by John Weckerle

This seems to be our week for panning businesses – perhaps because the experience of a car accident and subsequent flat tire on the remaining family car at an inopportune time can push one to  do business with enterprises whose services are not part of the everyday need.  As previously mentioned, we ended up with a flat tire at the Wildlife West Music Festival late afternoon Saturday.  It was too late to bring the tire anywhere local, and most places are closed on Sunday.  Given that we had to go car-almost-shopping Sunday, and we didn’t want to wait until Monday to get the tire fixed, we decided to take the tire along and drop it off at Pep Boys to see if it could be repaired or, if necessary, replaced.

A little background: We’ve been having our work done locally since we moved here, but when we lived in Albuquerque, we at one point took our cars to the Firestone on Juan Tabo for pretty much everything.  After a while, under the leadership of a manager named Al, things went downhill.  Typically, we would drop a car off, get an estimated time that it would be ready, come back somewhat later than the estimated time, and find that the car had not even been looked at yet.  This got to the point where we decided never to do business with the Juan Tabo Firestone again. »» Passing on Pep Boys