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Grow Your Own: The Demise of the Great Pumpkin

by John Weckerle

We begin today by wishing our readers, albeit belatedly, a happy Thanksgiving holiday and hoping that it was enjoyable and safe.  Our own certainly was, and it involved one of the year’s latest-harvested garden treats (not last-harvested; there are still shallots, leeks, and cabbage out there!), the previously mentioned Great Pumpkin.  For those who missed our prior article, this was the only pumpkin we got this year – and given that this was the second year with a single orange ball of squash, we will likely forego future efforts in the Jack-O-Lantern arena.

For half the gargantuan gourd, we used the Cream of Pumpkin Soup recipe, which we found very tasty, choosing to omit the croutons simply because there was too much baking going on and, as we are in the middle of a remodel, there were no counters or sinks upon which to work.  The other half awaits disposition – perhaps as a pumpkin pie or a nice, spicy pumpkin sauce for an autumn vegetable pot pie or something similar.

With the last of this year’s growing season coming up fast – those leeks, shallots, and cabbages will have to come in soon – we’re looking forward to revitalizing the beds with composted manure in preparation for the late Winter/early Spring planting.  We’re also hoping to bring the relocated Beds 1 and 2 back into service – and we find ourselves dozing off with visions of asparagus dancing in our heads.

We are, admittedly, a little unusual that way…

Major Traffic Alert – I-40 Westbound

A major accident with at least one fatality has blocked I-40 westbound in the Carnuel Facility. Views of show traffic backed up far east of Sedillo Hill Road. We advise westbound travelers to exit no later than Edgewood until the situation is resolved.

Just A Few Days Left For Scholarship Opportunities

by John Weckerle

As reported by the Mountainview Telegraph, the deadline is fast approaching to apply for scholarships awarded by Purina Mills and the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association’s (NMCGA) Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee (YCLC).  As the Telegraph reports, The Purina Mills scholarship will go to “a New Mexico student who is a member of the NMCGA, the New Mexico Junior Cattle Growers Association, or the child of an NMCGA member.” Additional scholarships are available to a successful high school senior and a continuing college student, with no reported membership requirements.  For more information, visit the Telegraph’s article.

EMIFPA Fire Info – November 5, 2015: American Red Cross

by John Helmich

EM Residents,

The American Red Cross, one of the critical agencies who will be responding in case of a wildfire, wanted us to inform everyone that they are also available if your family suffers loss in a structure fire, not just wildfire scenarios.

EMIFPA recommends that you also contact them for purposes of preparedness. This way you will know in advance what is available to you should you need temporary assistance, especially housing. Their national contact number is 800-733-2767.  If you are working on preparedness planning, please make sure you let them know this.

John Helmich

EMIFPA Community Education Outreach Coordinator

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