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How Politics Works

Editor’s note: We’re back after an extended and somewhat unintended hiatus that involved travel, a lot of work, more travel, and much more.  Unfortunately, the travel yielded little in the way of interesting photos and stories, and the work has been – well, work.  During the hiatus, we began considering – and are continuing to consider – what course New Mexico Central should take in the future.  We know there will be some changes in focus, but we’re not sure where it’s going.  Articles will likely be spread out just a bit for the near future.

by John Weckerle

Today’s news reading included a link to an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune (and this one at NPR), which reports on a conversation in which a liberal blogger (Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy), pretending to be conservative billionaire David Koch, a major Tea Party financial supporter and contributor to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s political campaigns, had a rather frank and interesting conversation with Governor Walker regarding the current ruckus in Wisconsin over union rights.  If nothing else, the article highlights what appears to be a very cozy and mutually beneficial relationship between government officials interested in ending union influence and large business interests seeking to do the same.  It looks as if it’s big government and big business against working Americans, at least in this particular situation – and it’s perhaps ironic that big business helped the current big government officials gain power by whipping up anti-big government sentiment.

We find it interesting that the unions in question have agreed to concede on all financial issues, but not the elimination of collective bargaining.  Republicans, Governor Walker especially, have painted this as a fiscal issue, and have replied to the unions’ offer with a resounding “No.” 

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Public Service Announcement: Today’s EBWPC Special Meeting Canceled

from the Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee:

Due to weather conditions the EBWPC Special Closed Meeting has been cancelled for Wednesday 2/3/2011 at 9:00 a.m. and has been re-scheduled for Wednesday 2/9/2011 at 10:00 a.m. held at the USDA Service Center conference room located 715 South 5th Street, Estancia, NM 87016.

Sorry for any inconvenience  for any of the EBWPC members.