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Grow Your Own – One Season Ends And Another Begins

by John Weckerle

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the garden to begin removing last season’s dead plants in preparation for the arrival of large quantities of fully composted horse manure donated by our good friends and neighbors, Thom and Brenda.  We were delighted that, during this effort, we harvested several shallots and about three pounds of leeks – just enough for a batch of delightful potato-leek soup.  With the former producers now evicted, the business of soil amendment has begun.  We will begin starting our first few seeds this week, and will be ordering more as well.

We’ve placed a two-probe recording thermometer in the greenhouse, and were surprised that the temperature has exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit multiple times over the last six days.  Unfortunately, it has also dipped below freezing, although not on the same days.  Adjusting to the wild swings in temperature may present a challenge, and we may find ourselves waiting at least until the freezing temperatures abate.  One way or another, we’re hoping for an early planting and plenty of produce throughout an extended season.