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Grow Your Own: We hope…

by John Weckerle

As the keyboard clicks away just now, the gentle patter of rain reaches through the window to remind us of the season and what we hope the summer will bring.  The garden currently holds court with tomatoes, snow peas (might be too late, but we’ve been surprised before), zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, cucumbers, several varieties of green beans, and Big Jim chiles.  We have a good bit of room left, and will be visiting Parker’s in Edgewood this weekend in the hope of filling out the beds.  We’re definitely hoping they have the excellent New Mexico 6 chiles we grew last year – super mild, but flavorful and a good complement to the hot Chimayos they also had last year.

The mid-May two-night freeze apparently took the gardening population by surprise, and this is one of the few years your editor has not started plants by seed.  We see this as a temporary setback; with the plastic for winter production now in hand, we’re looking forward to late-season bounty!