Editorial Policies

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  1. NM-Central.com is not a forum for personal attacks or invective. Criticism, including satire, is allowed, but should not be personal in nature and should be supportable by fact and analysis.
  2. All articles must conform to U.S. copyright laws; for more information, see the U.S. Copyright Office site.
  3. Accuracy is of paramount importance. Any claims or positions should be supported by reasonable research, facts, and analyses.
  4. NM-Central.com is not for spamming or free advertising. Authors may make short reference to businesses, products, services, or organizations in such a manner that is not considered advertising or promotion, but directly promoting any given cause or organization must be approved by the Editor on a case-by-case basis. “Article space” and “comment space” not to be used for advertising purposes.  Links to information resources may be permitted; however, links to web sites for businesses and organizations – whether in articles or comments – are subject to approval or removal at the Editor’s discretion and without notice.
  5. Regular contributors must use the blog authoring interface.This is easy to learn and use. The Editor may provide limited assistance with learning the blog interface on an as needed basis.
  6. Guest contributors are strongly encouraged use the blog authoring interface. This is easy to learn and use. The Editor may provide limited assistance with learning the blog interface on an as needed basis. Guest contributors who submit articles via e-mail should provide them in Microsoft Word or Open Office format. Formatting such as titles, font styles, etc. should be kept to a minimum; heavily formatted articles may be delayed, may experience loss of formatting, or may not be posted based on the time needed to convert them to the blog authoring environment.
  7. Regular and guest contributors are encouraged to engage in dialogue with those commenting on their articles as well as those written by other contributors, but should be cautious about being drawn into “flame wars.”
  8. Commenting, including criticism, satire, etc. is welcome and appreciated. Simple “flaming,” defamation, or vicious personal invective is prohibited.
  9. The statements and opinions provided herein are those of the writers and not NM-Central.com. NM-Central.com assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of content provided by the writers; however, if it any content is found to be demonstrably false or in violation of U.S. copyright law, we reserve the right to revise or remove it.
  10. Copyright – By posting articles here, you assign NM-Central.com an unlimited and non-exclusive license to all text posted in articles, pages, and attachments to articles except for images.  This essentially means that NM-Central has the right to authorize others to reprint or otherwise redistribute the text content of any or all articles on this sites, but you are free to publish, sell, or otherwise distribute the text content of your articles.  By posting images, including but not limited to photographs, graphics, or video associated with articles, you assign NM-Central.com a limited and non-exclusive license to reprint or otherwise redistribute the images with the restriction that NM-Central.com will only authorize such redistribution as part of the original article.  This essentially means that we reserve the right to include images inset into articles in reprinted or redistributed versions of those articles, but that we will not otherwise authorize use of such images for any purpose other than accompanying the article with which they are associated, and you are free to publish, sell, or otherwise distribute such images.
  11. NM-Central.com reserves the right to edit or request changes in articles to ensure conformance with the Editorial Policies or to remove articles that do not, in the Editor’s judgment, conform to the Editorial Policies.
  12. NM-Central.com reserves the right to terminate access to site functionality at the Editor’s discretion.
  13. Re-posting unverified content, especially “fake news,” is strictly prohibited.