Parker’s Farm Greenhouse

by John Weckerle

For years, Spring and Summer would see a portable sign standing at the corner of NM 344 and Church Road in Edgewood and proclaiming that Parker’s Farm greenhouse was open for the season. The sign is gone now, whether as a result of development or prohibitions against off-premise signs contained in Edgewood’s rather lengthy and complex sign ordinance, but Parker’s remains, selling quality plants every Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5 during the planting season.

In our May 20 article Grow Your Own, we discussed the benefits of growing at least some food at home. Parker’s is the source of the majority of the plants referenced in that article, and also of the ornamental and container plants grown by this writer. I have generally had very little trouble with plants from Parker’s; they seem well-suited to the area climate, and have typically needed little or no hardening off before planting.

In addition to a broad variety of vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees, Parker’s also boasts an ornamental garden, tall trees, an old windmill, and a pond – so it’s a nice place to visit while contemplating which plants to buy. Parker’s is located at the very east end of Church Road, past the point where the road becomes unpaved (but well maintained). I find it a great place to buy reasonably priced plants and support local business – and, of course, I save a few dollars by not having to drive into Albuquerque.

Photo - Parker's

2 Responses “Parker’s Farm Greenhouse”

  1. Emma Casey says:

    Is there any facility for weddings/reception on your property?

  2. admin says:

    You’d have to contact Parker’s for that information; I think they’re in the phone book.