Edgewood Gets New Mayor, Councilor; Little Change Elsewhere (As Far As We Know)

by John Weckerle

We have obtained yesterday’s election results for the Town of Edgewood.  Former Town Council member and Mayor Pro Tem Brad Hill claimed victory in the race for Mayor, with a vote count exceeding the combined count for his two rivals, Susan Simons and currrent Mayor Bob Stearley.  Town Councilor John Abrams has been re-elected, and Sherry Abraham joins the Council as a new member.  Judge William “Bill” White has been reelected as Municipal Judge.  Detailed results obtained from Town Administrator Karen Mahalick are as follows:

Mayoral Race

  • Susan Simons – 54
  • Bob Stearley – 172
  • Brad Hill – 333

Town Council (2 seats in contest)

  • Johnny Walker – 131
  • John Abrams – 356
  • Phil Anaya – 104
  • Sherry Abraham – 346
Municipal Judge
  • William White – 456

In Moriarty, all the incumbents will be returning to their seats, and according to the Torrance County Clerk’s office, the races in Estancia were uncontested.  Everybody who ran in Mountainair won.  Unfortunately, nobody was in the Village office in Tijeras when we called.  Congratulations to the elected officials, new and returning.


4 Responses “Edgewood Gets New Mayor, Councilor; Little Change Elsewhere (As Far As We Know)”

  1. Just Passing Through, . . . says:

    Thanks for posting these John.
    I believe you’ll find, upon deeper examination however, that our esteemed Judge William White was running unopposed for retention of his bench (and gavel) – which he handily won – again; and rightfully so. There’s just no substitute for excellence.

    • Thanks, Just Passing Through! Our “election coverage” information was gathered on the fly during a lunch break, so our conversation with Ms. Mahalick was a bit rushed and we apparently mixed up the races. We’re correcting it!

  2. Vicki says:

    I’m surprised that Johnny Walker only got 131 votes. I prefer Johnny Walker Red, myself.

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