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The Bees’ Knees, And It’s Time For Trees

by John Weckerle

Long ago, in a county far, far away…

…Your editor took first place in the county science fair for his project on bees.  I had live bees, posters, and materials, and learned a few things about our great friends and partners of the order Hymenoptera, and wanted at that time to be a beekeeper (but failed to inspire the parents to the same degree) – so you can imagine the little jump of enthusiasm I experienced when I read the latest East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District newsletter and found that the District is hosting a workshop on raising bees at the Torrance County Fairgrounds on January 30, 2009 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Now, more than ever, we need to understand how bees make life as we know it possible (no kidding, there) and learn how those of us with a little room and a little time can help keep these incredible creatures working for themselves, the ecosystem, agriculture, and all of us – and maybe get a little honey, to boot.  For more information, and to reserve a seat or three, contact Cheri or Kitty at (505) 384-2272, extension 3.

The District’s Spring plant sale has also started, and we recommend getting your order in as soon as possible.  For more information and to download an order form, visit the District’s plant sale page.

Solar-Power Incentives — Bah, Humbug!

by Chuck Ring (GadAbout-BlogAlot ©2008) 

Quote Freely From the Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Of course, I’m not against incentives for solar or wind power. Let me explain. The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) has just approved regulations that requires Public Service Company of New Mexico (PSC) to pay commercial customers 15 cents for ever solar-generated kilowatt used by its commercial customers. This is in addition to a 13 cent scheme for residential customers. The PRC stopped short or refused to require PSC to pay for any excess power generated by the company’s customers. Whether this refusal is good for the customer and PSC is anyone’s guess, but one reason given by the PRC is that the PRC didn’t want the customers to become mini-utilities or words to that effect. On balance all the forgoing seems great for PSC’s customers and it allows PSC to comply with regulations that require it to be more green.  READ STORY IN SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN  So, what am I itching about?

»» Solar-Power Incentives — Bah, Humbug!

Holiday Raffle To Support Community Radio

by John Weckerle

A raffle to benefit the establishment of a new community radio station is under way!  Prizes include:

  • 1st – $500
  • 2nd – $250
  • 3rd – $100

Tickets are $1.00 or $5.00 for six tickets. The drawing will be held at the Torrance County Project Office holiday open house on December 18, 2008.  For more information and to buy tickets contact Ellen Burgess, Programs Manager, at (505) 832-0332 or by e-mail at

We here at NM-Central wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support this outstanding project and urge you all to do so as well, so please call Ellen and find out how to get your tickets today!

Alice King Passes at 78

by John Weckerle

It was a sad moment yesterday when we learned that Alice King, wife of former governor Bruce King and long-time advocate for troubled children, passed away yesterday after suffering a massive stroke Thursday.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. King several time at functions here in the area, and she was always friendly and warm in her greetings.   As a first lady, and later as a tireless advocate, she worked and fought to protect and serve New Mexico’s children.  Even though she is gone, a part of her will always be there in the lives of those who have been helped by the programs she started and sponsored.

We are asking that anyone who has information on a public memorial service pass the word on to us, so that we can post the details here.

Like A Good Neighbor … Time To Belly Up

hpim0133.JPG by Chuck Ring (GadAbout-BlogAlot ©2008) 

Quote Freely From the Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

On October 7th of this year I posted the following article   A Grinch, Or A Temporary Glitch  (click to read). The article reported on the impending closure of  The Connection call center (The Connection) in Moriarty and the loss of at least 150 jobs as a result.

Since that time area churches, other non-profits and area businesses have contributed money and other  items to assist those losing their jobs through the difficult transition in times that were perilous even before the closing of the call center. Temporary assistance is always welcome by those in need, but more is needed in order to secure another employer or employers to employ those who want to work.

The rumor on the street is that Moriarty has asked for the help of Edgewood to refurbish parts of the building or grounds where a new tenant might locate. I believe this is a fitting proposal for several reasons:

  1. those who have or will lose their jobs want to work and they need to work
  2. some employees who lost their jobs live in Edgewood and other points outside of Moriarty
  3. as a former employee of the connection, I can attest to the fact that a majority of the employees spent a portion of each paycheck at Edgewood businesses
  4. Edgewood is not in the charity business, but this potential assistance is not charity. It is taking care of our own; no matter the location of their residence
  5. this assistance would demonstrate Edgewood’s willingness to recognize the assistance given to citizens of this valley and reward that assistance in a meaningful way
  6. it would be one more illustration of a regional approach to economic development
  7. it would demonstrate to the legislature and Santa Fe County that our dollars need to stay here to help our own, before sliding to Santa Fe City and Santa Fe County

»» Like A Good Neighbor … Time To Belly Up

Yes, They Have No Bananas — No Lemons Either (Not From New Mexico)

 by Chuck Ring (GadAbout-BlogAlot ©2008)

Quote freely From the Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Yes, We Got No Bananas (click to hear)

Some might ask if I have turned daft, or as others might ask, more daft. What the heck is the significance of the song. Fair question and the answer will come in due time.

I picked up the most recent issue of The Independent (The I) and became enthralled by an article which I assumed to be satire until I realized that The I doesn’t do satire, but they are good at silly and
inane. And, inside their boiling vats of criticism floats the Edgewood Wal-Mart; the target of repeated slam articles and diatribes at the dripping pens of The I. The article turns out to be sour and nonsensical to the extreme. How? Let us see the ways.

The title of the article is, Wal-Mart fails to keep local buying pledge by Robert Raffone and if the reader did not read past the title, he or she might be inclined to negatively shake their head or tsk-tsk at the very least. Mr. Raffone tells us that on a “recent” walk-through of the Edgewood Wal-Mart and more particularly, the produce section, not a single item of produce from East Mountain growers poked their leafy little heads, eyes or ears from the produce bins. Mr. Raffone enumerates a list of produce and fruits that he did find. His list included strawberries, pumpkins, corn and grapes from California along with lemons from Chile and apples from Washington. Mr. Raffone goes on to list oranges from South Africa, as well as bell peppers from Canada and tomatoes from Mexico as being present among the United Nations of produce. But, all locally grown produce was absent without leave from Edgewood’s Wal-Mart. »» Yes, They Have No Bananas — No Lemons Either (Not From New Mexico)

Not Quite Over For The Political Junkies

by Chuck Ring

For those who are political junkies or just feel like a junk heap after the election, here’s something you can play with to see trends and results statewide and countywide.

Click Me For Junkie Food

After you arrive at the page you will see that you are on the results page for Santa Fe County. If you wish to dig down to individual precincts you will find a precinct select window next to the county window in the upper left corner of the page. Of course you can also select another county to examine if you want to spend all day and night on the site.

In Santa Fe County precincts 15, 16, 18, 73, 84 and 85 the transit tax was voted down. The total vote was 2755 against to 1515 for, which seems to verify that most folks in those precincts (which is mostly Edgewood do not see a train track or any other real overall transportation benefit to the citizens in our future. But, the bad news is that the rest of the Santa Fe County portion of transit district citizens felt differently and voted for the tax, so that the totals were 34934 for to 28,501 opposed.

So, what will happen as a result of the transit tax passing? On January 1, 2009, you will see the gross receipts tax for the incorporated area of Edgewood (inside Santa Fe County) rise from 7.625 to 7.750. This tax, joins other taxes that have been foisted on us because we cannot overcome the votes from the rest of the county when it comes to tax referendums. One answer to the perpetual problem is the possibility of forming a county out of portions of Santa Fe, Bernalillo and perhaps Torrance counties. This is not the first time that this possibility has been mentioned, but it might be more viable now, because it is difficult to walk much less run, with Santa Fe County’s hand in our back pocket.

It could be worse. Santa Fe City joins Española, and Taos to have gross receipts tax rates above eight cents on the dollar.

What? A 36″ Giant Sucking Sound!

by Chuck Ring

Just when you thought that the City Different, AKA Santa Fe or Disneyland, was through being outrageous, comes the story that they want to add to their water supply.  Maybe not bad on the surface, but this deal involves sucking or pushing water through a 36″ pipeline from Ft. Sumner.  Such sucking and/or pushing would be over a distance of 145 miles and a lift in elevation from 4049 feet altitude to an elevation of 7320 feet altitude.  A lift of 3271 feet through a 36 inch pipeline will require enormous energy, materials and “mucho dinero.”  Similar problems did not deter Santa Fe City several years ago when they hatched a similar scheme to import water from the Estancia Basin in Torrance County to Santa Fe. A very vocal Estancia Basin contingency and a well-attended Santa Fe City Council meeting put a dam up to halt that particular project.

I am preparing a series of articles that will shed light on some of  the two Santa Fes’ (The Twins) water deals and gimmicks. The articles will be published here and will be utilized elsewhere in an attempt to halt the craziness of The Twins and their like, especially as their actions apply to taxing entities that will not see benefit of such taxation and similar actions. Until I post the first article in the series, you can  slake your thirst by accessing and reading an article on the subject which appears in today’s (Sunday, November 2, 2008) Santa Fe New Mexican:

That’s it for now.


Canines In Abundance — Human Companions Drag Behind

by Chuck Ring

Volunteers, Edgewood Town Staff, volunteer canines, along with State Representative Kathy McCoy, Edgewood Mayor Robert Stearley and wife Diane, Edgewood Councilor Rita-Loy Simmons, along with Susan Simons (Susan G. Komen, CNM Executive Director) helped to make the annual  Walk To Save A Life — Save A Pet  sponsored by the Town of Edgewood and The Susan G. Komen folks Click Here For Susan G. Komen For The Cure  event a  great success.

Of course, the event was made even more successful through the participation of the many canines and their human friends who “tagged” along without tags of their own. There was nary a harsh word exchanged among or between the canines and the people persons were equally well-behaved. The crossovers made from one side of Old 66 to the opposite side were made safely thanks to the able efforts of Edgewood Police Department officers who held-up or directed traffic at various spots along the walking course.

In addition to the walk of approximately three miles, a silent auction was held. The fees for the walk along with the silent auction proceeds will go to benefit efforts to find a cure for breast cancer and for animal welfare activities in and around the community. The folks from Edgewood Animal Control offered computer chipping at reduced rates; a bargain my wife sought to obtain, but I let her know that I was not keen on having a chip of my own. Although, it might not be such a bad idea for those mornings when I wake up and can’t seem to find my way to the facilities located just off of the bedroom. Anyway, our Shorty dog received his chip and Pugsley the Puganator received his in the past.

Here’s hoping for a larger turnout for next year’s event. Look to the upcoming issue of the Mountain View Telegraph for more information and photographs of the participants … women, men  and beasties.

New Mexico Sex Offender Registry Site

by Chuck Ring

I am not by nature an alarmist. But, I also believe forewarned is forearmed. With Halloween and other holidays coming very soon, it might be valuable for parents and others to know more about some of the areas and individuals to avoid during trick or treat and other activities where children and adults are placed together.

The New Mexico Department Of  Public Safety (DPS) maintains a website known as the Sex Offender Registry. The site is user friendly and there is no need to provide detailed information in this article. You can get to the site by clicking here Sex Offender Registry (State Wide) and then you can search using various criteria. You can also subscribe for email notification for offenders moving in close proximity to your area (within limits), but you may find that the function is inoperable. I tried to subscribe and could not due to an internal error on their website.  I did report the problem to DPS, so hopefully the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Be sure to read all of the warnings contained on the various pages of the website and recognize that the information provided on the website is provided as a public service and there is a disclaimer for accuracy. In other words, please use the information as it was intended to be used. Do not use it to intimidate, harass, or to take any action outside the bounds of propriety.  Nor should individuals or groups do anything that would be a violation of any law regarding any information found on the website.

A Howl Of Glee And A Meow Of Appreciation

By Chuck Ring

Edgewood Mayor Robert Stearley hosted a meeting on Friday, October 17, 2008 in an attempt to determine if the regional animal shelter idea previously scuttled in March of this year might be worth further study.

New Mexico State Representative Kathy McCoy (R) whose district covers a great deal of Edgewood and who previously saw that $150,000 was appropriated for a feasibility study of the shelter was present to lend her support and suggestions for the project. Representative McCoy pointed out to those present that the New Mexico State coffers are likely to be quite empty if the present economic downturn continues, so it might not be prudent to depend on much help from the State of New Mexico during the upcoming legislative session. Susan Simons, who is largely responsible for the new impetus given to the issue was present and presented information on shelters that might be adaptable to this region should the effort continue. Official representatives and staff from Bernalillo County and staff from Edgewood were present as were representatives from the animal humane sector of the region.

In spite of some negative aspects, i.e., present economic problems, the meeting conducted by Mayor Stearley was upbeat and the mayor promised to carry a request to the Edgewood Council that would seek funds for Ms. Simons and Edgewood Animal Control Supervisor Vickey Murphy to travel to an appropriate location to view previously constructed animal shelters.

A future meeting has been scheduled for Friday, November 21, 2008, 9:30 AM at the Edgewood Community Center. All interested individuals are encouraged to attend to lend their opinions and ideas toward the effort.

Several canines and a couple of felines waiting outside the community center after the meeting were seen to swish or wag their tails in apparent approbation for the mayor’s and other attendees’ actions during the meeting.

If you do support this effort, please let Representative McCoy, Mayor Stearley, the Edgewood Town Council and other potentially interested officials know of your desires.

Torrance County Senior Olympians Clean Up At State Games

We’ve received word from Vanessa Vaile of Mountainair Arts that Torrance County’s Senior Olympic representatives achieved notable success at the 2008 State games. For more information, check out Vanessa’s article, complete with photos and results.

Racing Commission Approves Albuquerque Downs Move To Moriarty

by John Weckerle has just received word that the New Mexico Racing Commission has approved the Albuquerque Downs application to relocate from the New Mexico State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque to Moriarty, New Mexico.

Plans for the facility, as presented by the Downs’ representatives at the recent Moriarty public meeting, include the racetrack, Las Vegas-style slot machine casino, food court, upscale steakhouse, advanced veterinary facility, stables, and other features. Congratulations are in order for the Downs, the governments of Moriarty and Torrance County, the Town of Estancia, which supported the project, and the local and regional organizations such as EVEDA who worked hard to demonstrate the community’s support for the project.