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Photo - Lightning Strike in the Estancia ValleyNM-Central.com, a regional issues blog and commentary site, was developed in 2008 to allow for a greater degree of discussion and disclosure regarding issues and events relevant to the real Central Valley of New Mexico and the East West Mountains (more on that on our About NM-Central page). While our newspapers try hard to bring us the news and commentary in print, the Web allows us much greater freedom in the amount of discussion, background information, and candor than traditional media are able to offer.

New Mexico Central is intended to provide the best reasonable online authoring and commenting environment possible, with an emphasis on accuracy and constructive criticism - where, of course, the criticism can be constructive - and seeks to provide a forum for more in-depth examination of issues. NM-Central.com examines a broad spectrum of issues pertaining to life in the truly central portion of the state, with an eye towards providing information on matters of public policy, local and regional events, economic development, environmental protection, and other concerns relevant to a vital and growing community. We especially look forward to exposing and correcting the unfortunate misconceptions and misperceptions, and occasionally even misleading information, that can serve to cloud public debate. Our focus is to explore issues in a manner that promotes healthy debate while seeking common ground where it can be found and respect for the right of others to disagree when it cannot.

A Regional Focus

For the most part, New Mexico Central focuses on local events - specifically, those relevant to the Estancia Valley and the adjacent communities in the Sandia and Manzano Mountains: Edgewood, Moriarty, Estancia, Mountainair, Torreon, Tajique, Chilili, Tijeras, Sandia Crest, Sandia Park, Willard, and Stanley. These communities are located within eastern Bernalillo, southern Santa Fe, and Torrance Counties. We do occasionally touch on issues of statewide or even national significance, but generally only those that directly involve our region. NM-Central.com is not a forum for partisan political attacks, flaming, or harsh invective. We invite you to join us for a truly local/regional discussion experience!